Shot List „Pangea VI - Beware of Counterfeits“

00:00 b-roll at the 2nd Counterfeit Medicine Information Forum in Berlin, the German Customs Investigation Bureau, INTERPOL, pharmaceutical manufacturers and pharmacists

02:01 Statement Wolfgang Schmitz (Spokesperson of the
German customs crimial office) to the question, how can criminal drug counterfeiters to be better combat?
What new trends have shown Pangea VI?
What are the concrete results of the labor tests?

03:30 Statement Dr. Peter Keller (Head of department of German customs crimial office) tot he question, What measures at international level lead to a
successful identification, investigation and prosecution of the criminals?
From which countries and ways the fakes are coming to Europe?

04:35 Statement Richard Bergström, General Director of the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) to the question, what can the pharmaceutical industry do against the growing threat of counterfeiting Europe?
How can consumers be better protected?
What needs to be done politically?

06:01 Professor Martin Schulz, Chairman of the Drug Safety Committee of the German Pharmacists' Association (AMK) to the question, how dangerous are the currently found counterfeit drugs?
Which characteristics I acknowledge the websites of the drug counterfeiters?

07:22 Marina Bloch, Head Bayer HealthCare Anti-Counterfeiting Management to the question, what priority ist the safety of the patient for Bayer?

08:00 Martin Fensch, Head Corporate Communications Pfizer Germany to the question, what is Pfizer doing against counterfeits and he bring a recent example of ingredients in counterfeit drugs.

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