Avoid Costly Mistakes with HR Assessments – Part 2

Certified Profiles® Experts: Pauline O’Malley, Creator of RevTurbo® Selling System and Founder of Best People Win & Carol J. Sutton, Cert.ConRes., Certified Profiles® Trainer

Who should watch: Hiring Managers and Human Resource Experts

Why: Delve deeper when using Assessments to improve the hiring process significantly.

When the fit is between your organization and a new employee is not right, there are costs to be paid – both hard and soft. For instance,
someone in your organization had to write a job description and a recruitment ad.
You had to cover salaries for internal recruiters, trainers, etc. and fees for third party recruiters.
The organization wrote a cheque for advertising space (newspapers; online listings, etc.).
Your staff spent many long hours screening a long list of resumes and application forms,
and that’s just to get to a short list of candidates!

Furthermore, if you discover that you have made a mistake after the individual is already on board, your organization then faces

Out-of-pocket termination costs (severance pay), as well as
Various, often overlooked opportunity costs – e.g. all those things that did not happen while the position was open and while the new employee was getting up to speed.
This free webinar will show you how to use assessments in ways that help you avoid these costly errors.

Learn how to use specific assessments that provide accurate insights of your candidates. Pre-hire assessments help determine how an individual will fit in a specific job, identify their thinking and reasoning styles, and highlight behavioral traits that are crucial for success on the job.

Increase effectiveness and productivity before you hire with these 4 steps:

1. Employer: know thyself.

Before you can determine whether a candidate is the right choice for the job, you need to know what role he or she is expected to fit into. We will walk you through simple to use tools and resources to create a clear picture of both the potential candidate and the role. We’ll show you how easy it is to create your optimum job profile beyond the job description to attract the best candidates.

2. All candidates are not created equal.

Whether you are considering an external hire or an internal promotion, not everyone who is interested in the position will be able to bring the value you need to your organization. That’s another way of saying that it is “all about fit”. In this webinar, we will show you the details of the Best People Win Profiles® report and how to get the greatest value from it.

Then we will walk you through two more steps to hit a grand slam...

Go the extra mile with the following two, and you can hit it right out of the park!

3. Whole Team Profile.

Using the same Profiles® assessment, include your current team members in the process. Both high scorers and low: their results give you a wealth of usable data about the most and least desirable characteristics to achieve consistently high performance.
4. Managerial Fit.

No doubt you’ve heard the expression that employees “… don’t leave companies, they leave bosses.” Some 15 years of Gallup’s research and reports tell us that and more. The Managerial Fit report from Profiles® shows the employee and the boss exactly where their potential misunderstandings and alignments converge. By incorporating this information into their ongoing communication, they can avoid problems and increase cooperation. It’s a win/win proposition.

Bonus – The “Cost of a Bad Hire” Calculator for FREE
More info@BestPeopleWin.com

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