NFL Viking's Linebacker Erin Henderson is causing an uproar, for big cats.
Commissioned by the National Geographic Channel. Produced by Evolve Digital Cinema.

National Geographic Cause An Uproar Website:

Co-Produced by Executive Producer Allison Mitchell & Producer Jason Letchko of the National Geographic Channel
Produced, Filmed & Edited by Evolve
GFX / Design: Evolve
Sound Design / Mix: Radium Audio Ltd

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Production Team:
Executive Producer: Allison Mitchell - National Geographic Channel
Producer: Jason Letchko - National Geographic Channel
Directors / Directors of Photography: Joel & Jesse Edwards - Evolve
Producer / UPM: Elizabeth Ai
Camera / Lighting Dept: Mike Bove, Kevin Van Egren, Zayne Van Heerden
**Many thanks to our local crew and support team!

Post Production Team:
Executive Producer: Allison Mitchell
Producer / Writer: Jason Letchko
Art Director: Brian Everett
Editorial / Colorists: Joel & Jesse Edwards, Assistant Editor: Lauren Pecson
Design / Visual Effects / AE: Ryan Trommer, Joel Edwards, Ninos Houma
Music Score / Sound Design / Mix - Radium Audio LTD

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