Three hunters walk into a wood. A fourth follows, unbeknownst to them, to capitalize on a hunting tip he originally mocked but now suspects to be valid. The age-old tale of friendships forged and fractured by hunting adventures the world over.

Two years after making a mock hunting music video (THE EPIC HUNTING RAP, a small group of local fans began demanding another. This crazy complicated remix is the result of 2 month's efforts to re-work the original song, add a storyline and film the shots with my friends at various locations around our beautiful Trinity County, CA. I'm very pleased with the results- I hope you are too.


Verse 1
Stumbled, on a big buck trail
Told my friends, they doubt the tale
Tracks like racks that a wall could fill
My tags tagged-out, record book's a steal
They ask me- "So where do we go?"
They question- "But how do we know?"
But drawing maps is flat too slow
Fast is an arrow from a drawn-back bow

Hear ye, hear ye, all the deer ye fear me
We're pick-up truckin' to the field of dream meat
Braggin bucks before we've packed in
Shoot 'em on the mountain so that we can mount them
We scout out- and to our surprise-
A shout out- to an old lady's eyes-
We crossed a fence-line, we're on the run
Trouble is a granny with a big shotgun

I know there's deer come thru here
Come thru here
Come thru here
I know there's deer come thru here
And I want to shoot them

Verse 2
Furious, granny wants us gone
Curious, I ask "What's wrong?"
Points to a veggie-garden much less scary and it
Hits me then- she's a vegetarian
I notice- "Why that fence so high?"
A barricade- "Reaching up to the sky"
She listens close to my win-win pitch-talk
One string shot to make the holy crop war stop

Stalking- on a big buck trail
Visualizing what my victory entails
Dreamin' dreams of a big buck taggin'
Crouchin' in the bushes with my camo swag on
Beauty- is in the eye that seez it
To the one that needs it
Don't be missin' what I think you should know
I seez my buck, while she seez her salad grow

Verse 3
Alright STOP-
Draw your bows and listen
Early in the mornin'
Horns glisten
Mamma deer wakes to fear her son's missin'
Praying that I'll miss him...
She's wishin'

Bow and arrow, long and narrow
Eye like a sparrow
Mole in the ground, but don't call De Niro
I only go- where the deer go
Kill this buck- I'm a hero
Cuz I know there's deer come thru here

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