Can you see the rays of spirit (as Light) flowing into the unconscious body from the the Father, and the infinite - into the universes, galaxies and worlds beyond worlds - to enter into man and speak? As the video begins, you will see an actual photo of spirit sent from God. (Microphones partially obscure the loving face photographed in 1973.) Then listen as you hear the very first time spiritual messengers of God were recorded speaking through this voice.
Their words may remind you of those written of the beginning (in Genesis 1:1-26 and 6:1-4.)

Read how, in their own words, the spiritual messengers of God were sent from the Father with the brightest light in the heavens this century to speak to man:

A new light appeared in our heavens near Christmas 1969. The comet neared the sun, March 20. Then the great radiance passed closest to Earth March 26, 1970. As it “passed over” on March 27 (Good Friday) its spectacular light shone in the east as the brightest heavenly light that century. Through April, this wondrous light shone for all the world to see. As the great light passed over, the spiritual messengers of God, Aka, arrived to bring “good news” of “great joy coming to all the people.”

In a little town nestled in the desert mountains called Globe, a spiritual voice began to whisper through the unconscious body of a man. The message was first recorded on April 3, 1790. (April 3 was also the day the most likely day of the Passover, when Jesus promised to return, the U.S. Naval Observatory calculates. [See John, chapters 13-17.])

As the comet approached the Earth, a man named Ray Elkins in Globe, Arizona, was praying for death to be free of his great pain. No sooner than his prayer ended, he passed on to the Father. After he passed over, Ray found himself standing before one who had more love in his eyes than anyone he had ever seen. Words were not spoken; words were not needed. This loving one gave him a gift. Ray didn’t know what the gift was. But he knew he could trust this one as he had trusted no one.

This one gave Ray a choice to return to his body or not. If he did, nothing would be changed. He was asked to give this gift freely to others in the same manner of love that it was given to him. He could never receive any monetary value for it.Ray chose to return. The doctor had pronounced him dead. But he woke up hungry. And soon, a voice began to whisper through his unconscious body. (March 29, 1970, was Easter.)

On April 3, 1970, Ray’s wife tried to rouse him from another seizure. She had borrowed a tape recorder from her mother because she couldn’t understand what he was saying after he came back to life a few days before. He mumbled for the first time ever in a seizure. It might help to decipher his soft, unintelligible words.
“Ray?” she said.
A voice whispered: “Not Ray.”
She asks,“Who then?”
The words she recorded when the light shone brightly in the heavens overhead are what you are hearing now.

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