In July, 2013 my brother, a friend, and I took some time (about a week) to roadtrip and hit the major national parks in Utah (including Mesa Verde, which is technically in Colorado), for some camping and hiking. I've done a few of these trip videos before, but I never really think about the video when I take these shots. When I go out with my camera, I'm really just trying to get a handful of good photos to hang on my wall. But sometimes those photos can't really capture what it's like to be there. There's an element of immersion you can get with movement and video that is hard to replicate through still photos only.

You'll see these photos slide by pretty quickly, so hopefully you aren't prone to epileptic seizures. And, maybe in the future, I'll put more forethought into making this video and I'll shoot some timelapses and such, so maybe you'll see that in my next big trip!

Thanks for watching!


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