Executive Producer/Teacher: Jessica Shi
Producer/Director: Desi Danganan
Writers: Jessica Shi & Desi Danganan
Camera Operator #1: Arnold Dizon
Camera Operator #2: Carlo Pelaez
3D Graphics: [pending]
Sound Mixer/Motion Graphics/Video Editor: Arnold Dizon
Location: Emeryville, CA

Over the years I have seen countless people misdiagnosed, undergo multiple surgeries, become dependent on painkillers, and suffer from 20-30 years of accumulated back pain. Types of back pain may vary, but everyone suffers the same: limited mobility, loss in quality of life, and over time -- minor to severe depression.

For those who suffer, our health services industry has little to offer beyond pain medication, shots, PT sessions, and surgery. Oftentimes the solution is much, much simpler. If only everyone understood how the body works.

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