A film for the NSCPP commissioned by YCN Studio, that centres around the experiences of a young girl - Sally - whose childhood has been blighted by bullying & domestic discord*.

In an effort not to impose an overpowering aesthetic style against what is a raw & tender testimony, AKA Director Eamonn O'Neill manages to skilfully juxtapose a gentle but striking visual against Sally's harrowing narration as she explains the depth of her personal struggles, before finding that she could seek support from a counsellor on CHILDLINE. The film underlines the incalculable contribution to Sally's life made by ChildLine and - whilst this is an ongoing story - she now has hope with the organisation at her side.

The whole piece has been animated & coloured by hand in Flash and features an equally restrained audio & music design by Nic Gill.

*Names and identifying features have been changed to protect identity.

Client: NSPCC
Agency: YCN Studio
Director: Eamonn O'Neill
Produced by: Studio AKA

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