Since 1978 Field System Machining has provided field machining, portable machining, on site machining, in situ machining, mobile machining, and in place machining repair solutions to steel mills, power plants, pulp and paper mills, ships, factories of all types, bridges, aluminum mills, extrusion plants, refineries, forges, confection, food, chemical plants and construction sites on four continents.

Whether you're approaching a planned outage, forced outage, require support in a new construction project, or are overwhelmed by demanding emergency outage repairs, we're ready to provide you with the right machinists and welders coupled with the machining tools and machinists!

Field System Machining’s solutions include all aspects of industrial machinery repair, including but not limited to steam path repair, press repair, manufacturing machinery repair of all types, steel mill stands, mill housings, forges, calendars, turbine repair, turbine overhauls, turbine manufacturing, turbine parts, portable line boring, portable bottle boring, portable milling, portable shaft journal machining, portable shaft machining, portable keyway cutting and spare parts manufacturing. We provide on-site extrusion press repair, in-situ forge press repair, portable steel mill machinery equipment repair, aluminum mill machinery equipment repair, power plant turbine repair, as well as site machining repair of all other manufacturing machinery.

Field System Machining is dedicated to combining integrity with commitment to quality, to set industry standards in safety requirements and to continually meet the expectations and needs of our customers. Since 1978, Field System Machining has continually built its organization upon a reputation for efficient, quality portable machining and on-site welding services. Distinguished as a technically advanced service supplier, Field System Machining offers creative technical solutions that provide cost effective, high quality shop and field machining services.
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