**lots of people lots of places**
...Enjoy bits and pieces of VT summertime riding from MAD TREES. Lots of people getting at all the trails VT has to offer. A big shout out to everyone who participated in some rowdy group shreds and good ol' fashioned trail ripping. The MTBVT scene is growing to a whole new level, get out and get involved!...
//// on bikes: Spence Lee, Sam Manna, Sam Schlepphorst, David Gormley, Corinne Prevot, Cooper Van Vranken, Caleb Manna, Mike Corcoran, Bennett Hrabovsky + many more who didn't have the good timing to get in front of the lens\\\\

[[ filmed and edited by anne cleary, sam manna ]]

|| music | Ayatollah::Kingston |&| LCD Soundsystem::Time to get Away ||

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