This is a cinematic Hindu video highlight, the Hindu wedding ceremony of ROV Pilot Pragash & Dr.Valli.
The highlight video featuring our main stars of the day, Pragash & Dr Valli. A heavenly matched pair !

Pragash & Dr.Valli are always having a such bright smile…. and most importantly they both have a very kind , friendly and tender heart. They are both caring and surrounded by their friends, schoolmate and family. Pragash & Dr.Valli have got so excited, both of them were so natural when facing our cameras and they always posted a lot of posses so we were so easy and had many chances to capture all their candid and natural scenes without missed. With all of their acting and dancing talent, it made our video look more contents, excited and was rocking !

Pragash & Valli met during their secondary schooling days but back then it was not much of love rather affection at first sight. Nothing evolved much, and they carried on with their own pace and started to make their dreams come true. Through the breakthrough of social media Friendster in 2008, something miracle happened. They met again together and added each other as friends. It was like the famous saying, “Everything starts as friends first”, and then slowly through the years as their relationship developed, the lovely couple tied the knot together on the 21st June 2013.

Baby peacocks, aren't beautiful at first but as they slowly progress through their life cycle they become one of the most beautiful and irresistible creatures of God Creation. Inspired by this, the couple decided to use peacock colours as the theme for their wedding, as their loved started off with a simple affection, slowly turning into a beautiful relationship. The functions concept was not prepared by any wedding planner or whatsoever, but rather was planned by the couples themselves. All the small details have been given attention to and that is what made the ceremony very special and an unforgettable one. Hats off to Sisters Galleria Penang and Shashi Events to make the event a colourful and a wonderful one.

The event started off with Indian traditional customary for the bride and bridegroom on 21st June 2013 as they tied the knot. With all of the blessings from their close relative and also friends, the couple had begun their colourful journey of life together.

The next day, the fine evening dinner started off with Groom’s uncle, Aviator at Air Asia-X Captain Kubhen's words…
*“Pragash, I see a spark in Valli’s eye each time she speaks with you, its shows you are her brightest star and as for Valli, in Pragash’s colourful rainbow, you are the most colourful one….”*
The entire event went on with full of joy, fun and also sentimental tears. Families took the stage in the later part for some fun time and dancing. Both the couples too had fun dancing together and made their moment such a beautiful one.

It was a big function for the families and something that they could not forget. As for the both families, it was a big reunion for them and they cherished every moment on that day.
Thanks to Pragash & Dr.Valli for the honor in allowing our team to be a part of your greatest day. Thank you for your trust in DIGIMAX Video Productions and to your good heart. We are happy to join your day !

Last but not least, our sincere thanks to Groom’s mother, Madam Dhanawali Thanapalan who personally contacted and booked us for the cinematic wedding video Blu-ray Package for her eldest son’s unique event.
Don’t be a silent viewer, and don’t be a stranger. “Click” a like to them.Wishing them a HAPPY MARRIED LIFE.

Kindly switch on HD mode for HD quality. Enjoy watching. !

Song: Vellicha Poove by Mohit Chauhan & Shreya Ghoshal from Ethir Neechal.

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