The idea initially started from wanting to try an array of artistic styles such as a sketch look, a painted look, a digital vector based look, and a more organic feel. in hopes to execute this look, as well as keeping it close to the Google aesthetic, all elements were incorporated. This idea is also influences heavily from Google Doodles which celebrates diversity, culture, style, and a little but of something every can enjoy.

With that being said, this piece is enjoyable. Starting with a stop motion sequence (so you get your organic feel), a crane is developed from an origami paper. Each frame we see the crane developing as well as changing colors (Blue, Red, Yellow and Green). The stop motion piece then integrates within the digital world, where we are then introduced to Google Search. From here we navigate through the “Google World” including Google Maps, Gmail and Google Sky. Every scene has a new style and flare.


Dragon Stop Motion
After Effects

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