In "What Doesn't Work“ three people devote themselves to an impossible undertaking: the creation of a symphony of movement without composition. They shape the irrational, the secret and the spontaneous with their bodies, wringing a landscape of physical memories out of every moment. In this intensely physical work, Tommy Noonan, Anja Müller and Murielle Elizéon explore the endless and unlimited possibilities of spontaneous decision, drawing eclectic and surreal forms into a calm room as if every second were both their first and their last.

Title: "What Doesn't Work"
Direction: Tommy Noonan
By and With: Murielle Elizéon, Anja Müller, Tommy Noonan
Dramaturgy: Dennis Deter

"What Doesn't Work" is produced by Theater Freiburg with support from cie. Public in Private

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