Often it is necessary to extend the gear/rope attachment point, to reduce leverage and prevent rope drag from altering desired gear placement positions. Otherwise nuts can pop, cams can walk, and rope drag can affect leader security.

Conversely, a climber needs to efficiently rack gear (such as slings) AND have size/length options. Hence the creation of quickdraws from slings.

Some newer climbers refer to this as an "alpine" draw or a "trad" draw. "Trad" (traditional) is more a style of climbing, as compared to the actual gear.

Creating a quickdraw out of a shoulder length sling affords you two things:

1.) Efficient racking options (e.g. harness versus bandolier style on upper torso)

2.) Multiple length options for extending clip-in points on protection pieces (e.g. cams and/or nuts).

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