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Song: "Asleep at The Wheel" by Working For a Nuclear Free City. Go buy it!
Pilot: Chris Jordan
Camera Operators:
Thayne Neilson
Mykii Liu
Chris Newman
Chris Jordan

Shot info
- Children playing basketball: Logan Utah
- Asian Pond scene Violinist: Aubrey Woods w/BYU
- Pianist and waterfall: Conlan Miller w/BYU
- Mountain Bikers up Logan Canyon: Julia Harmon and friends
- Motorcycle Base Camp footage in southern utah: Motus Motorcycle Team
- Much deserved cameo by S800 @ 1:24, and Chris Neman and I make cameo at 1:31 (Can you spot us?)
- Canyon Scenes over river and in Dusty Nook: Logan Canyon
- Runaway girl on tracks: Las Vegas Southern Highlands: Carly Richardson
- Night cityscape: Las Vegas from Green Valley

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