Chef for developers - what you need to get started with coding your infrastructure

There's a reason Heroku is so popular. As developers we often prefer to focus on coding (and sometimes providing business value) over setting up and maintaining servers and infrastructure. Setting up a full stack with e.g. apache/nginx, containers/wrappers, permissions, monitoring, alerts etc. can be a daunting task if you have not experienced it before. Even more terrifying is the thought of having to do it all again (from memory, or some patchy notes) if the server crashes or you need to scale out horizontally. From a developer's perspective I'll show you how "easily" you can setup your own servers with Chef.

Erling Wegger Linde
Erling is the founder of the norwegian startup CV Partner AS - providing simplified CV management for consultancies. Besides being an entrepreneur, (which involves mastering a wide range of roles - spanning from CFO to product manager), he is a passionate developer who prefers to work with cutting edge technology. Having real-life international experience with everything from Kanban to Lean Startup, he is beyond being religious about process and methodologies, and is now more pragmatic and context-aware than ever.

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