Learn how to provide a powerful command line interface to your JVM with CRaSH the shell for the Java Platform.

CRaSH is an open source shell for extending and monitoring a Java Virtual Machine. The shell can be accessed by various means, either remotely using network protocols such as SSH or locally by attaching a shell to a running virtual machine.

Commands are written in the Groovy language and can be developed live making the extensibility of the shell easy with quick development cycles. CRaSH comes with a bunch of commands such as thread management, log management, database access and JMX.

The session will begin with an introduction to the shell, showing basic CRaSH features like auto completion and basic commands. The main part of the quickie will focus on showing how to develop CRaSH commands with several examples, showing how easy and powerful the development of a command can be.

The target audience is pretty much anyone using a JVM. Attendees will learn how to install CRaSH, connect to an instance and develop a CRaSH command to interact with virtual machine resources or services.

Julien Viet
Julien Viet leads product development of eXo Platform’s flagship eXo Portal product on which the entire eXo product line is based. In June 2009, eXo Portal was merged with JBoss Portal to create GateIn, which Julien now co-leads. In this role, he is deeply involved in GateIn’s technical vision and plays a key role in product development and advanced R&D architecture prototyping.

Prior to eXo, Julien was an engineer at JBoss, where he founded the JBoss Portal project in 2004. In four years, Julien built an enterprise-class portal server with a team of only five developers. He started contributing to the JBoss project (application server) in 2002 and joined JBoss, Inc. two years later.

Julien is passionate about open source and active in standards groups. In his spare time, he started the Chromattic project, an advanced Object to Java Content Repository (JCR) mapping framework that now underpins the GateIn project. He is also an expert group member for several Java specifications, including Portlet 2.0 (JSR-286), Content Repository for Java Technology API 2.0 (JSR-283) and Portlet Bridge for JavaServer Faces (JSR-301). Julien holds an engineering degree from Institut National des Télécommunications, one of France’s top schools for engineering.

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