Lots of things to talk about this week….First off is 5 ways to earn high income in retirement…
1. Real Estate
2. Consulting
3. Digital Technology
4. Senior Services and
5. Franchise
The notes but the website is investbetterspendsmarter.com.
Did you hear about this….it seems you can actually train your brain to enhance your health…This is out of Texas….in very scientific language…cognitive training has the potential to reverse age related decline...the study was funded in part by the T. Boone Pickens Foundation.

Baby boomers are doing it again….a first that is…..dateline Chicago….the baby boomer generation could be starting a revolution in divorce court. The nation's top divorce attorneys say that they have seen an increase in the number of divorce cases among couples over 50-years of age,
Robert Boyd out of Atlanta.
Boyd says woman have their reasons….more on that in the podcast…that will be posted this week.
Another first…or should I say leading the way….That is Dr. Grant Stevens….he is a plastic surgeon in California…some really interesting insights into what's happening in his business and baby boomers.

And finally..the Workout to Go…part of the National Institute of Health …Go for life program.  You can download this book right here.  Just go to the bottom of any page on bloomer boomer.com and its free.

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