A 13 minute film of September Fools Day (the 13th) celebrations on Friday 13th September 2013. Between 11.30am and 6.30pm at Bankside by the Thames, London SE1.

This 6th celebration was particularly special for it fell on Friday 13th. On September Fools Day (the 13th) all superstitions are reversed, it is OK to smash mirrors, walk under ladders, spill salt, and cut your nails, which is normally very unlucky on a Friday. Thank you to the people from Brazil, The Netherlands, Canada and all over who celebrated with the September Fool on Friday 13th September.

Filmed by Miyuki Kasahara & Calum F Kerr

September Fools Day (the 13th) celebrations convened by Calum F. Kerr from 2008 - 2013

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