Life is composed by threads of our stories.

The Revaza concept proposes to deliver a new focus on the way worn items are interpreted. By collaborating with nonprofit organizations, Revaza exists to share the true, unraveling accounts of individuals and groups in need, subtly and tastefully embedding these details into the very form and design of our merchandise.

The enjoyers will now find themselves as interactive participants in the outcome of each current biography revealed, as appropriations of profit go to benefit those who are featured. Revaza cares to deliver an eco-friendly, highly sustainable USA made line, tailored for distinctives of a romantic, wayfaring nature. Wherever you may find yourself in this world, with Revaza, we are woven together.

Wear The Story.


Directed by Louie Bash & Trevor Kamplain

Produced by Trevor Kamplain & Elias Kamplain

Filmed & Edited by by Louie Bash

Branding & Creative Direction by Dustin LaMont

Rotoscoping by Ethan Chancer

Music by Trevor Kamplain


Official Disclaimer:

The intent in the display of this video is to convey a company concept and ideology. In no way are the clothing items shown in this video representative of original design by Revaza, LLC.

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