Japanese NISEI Week (ロサンゼルス七夕祭り) Festival has been held at Little Toyko, L.A., USA during summer time.(Procedure: 1. 'Shorten & Combine' of motion/still/music clips, 2. Massive 'Generate' Video Effect on clips, 3. Massive 'Video transitions' added, 4. 'Audio Effect' added, 5. 'Aftereffect' Modification on NISEI title, 6. 'Aftereffect' Modification on Wish tree still image, 7. 'Flash' file added, 8. 'Premiere' light/color/shape/direction modifications of motion/still images, 9. 'Photoshop' the titles and words, 10. Etc.....)
I have been using Premiere, Photoshop, Aftereffect, Illustrator to make the video. Anyone wants to know or share the idea with me. You Are Welcome!

- ENJOY !!!
- Go!!! Japan !!!

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