Toxic did a full rebrand of TV2 Zebra together with SDG, TV2 and Netron, these are the new idents.

Director: Knut A. Helgeland
Art direction: Knut A. Helgeland, Sigurd Kristiansen
Concept development: Knut A. Helgeland, Sigurd Kristiansen, Torgeir Holm
Producer: Johanne Lund

3D: Alexander Krill, Christian Lundvall
Compositing: Alexander Krill, James Martin, Knut A. Helgeland, Caroline Denise Ericsson, Sigurd Kristiansen, Lars Hauge Hoel
Photography: Knut Aas, Amund Lie, Per Gunnar Fordal
Music & Sound design: Frode Langhelle
Production managers: Maria Wroldsen, Lars Lehrum, Christopher Øyen

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