This is the beginning of an ad campaign for the company I currently work for, Bit-Wizards[ ]. Here are the specs :) :::
Shot with 1 Panasonic Lumix GH3 @ 60fps
Frame - 1080p .MOV @ 50mbps
Profile - Custom | -2 -4 -3 +0
Lens - Voigtlander Nokton 0.95 17.5 mm, fstops between 0.95 & 2
Mounts & Monitoring - Tripod & Handheld, onboard EVF
Audio - Camtasia 3.5mm microphone w/clip (supplied with the software), 3.5mm onboard mic jack
Post & Voice Over Recording - Sony Vegas Pro 10.0, After Effects

Shot at night, with no additional lighting ( the parking lot lights were LED, so that helped a LOT :) ) across two nights of filming. This was a great experiment to see how far I could push the lens, and the GH3 battery in a real world example shooting guerrilla style. Can't wait to afford some stabilization hardware, lol.

You'll see more grain in one shot than all the others, but that was my mistake with the ISO too high on night one that I couldn't fix because of time crunches. Otherwise, minimal sharpening applied. Hope you like!

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