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New World is a Moonfall and Elite style free trading game with space shuttles.

The game starts on a dead planet without atmosphere which abounds in crystorium which is indispensable for the human race. The arriving people divided into mining groups because the management collapsed in the course of time. These groups fight with each other for the control of the planet, the local society and the resources.

The player begins the game as a dock worker of one of the mining groups, who is highly dissatisfied with the situation on the planet and decides to correct it on. He has just a hobby shuttle which is repaired and built in his free time. It flies barely and it has no weapons and shield which could protect him against marauding pirates. The player can get better and better shuttles in game. He can trade, mine, produce, research, improve his bases, manage the resource-transporting, accomplish quests, terraform the planet which will be continuously changed.

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