Self portrait. Testing out some lighting. Also testing a couple of camera setups. Footage is graded. I'm always interested in trying to get a cinematic and film look from digital.

First: the lovely Sony NEX-7, Speedbooster and Carl Zeiss 85/1.4 Contax @~f4 ISO 200 Portrait picture profile.

Secondly: the old trusty GH2, using the 14-140mm @~ 50mm ~f5.8 ISO 500 with a Kowa Prominar 2x anamorphic attachment. The Kowa gives a 2x squeeze but I grew it out to 2.66:1 as I like that aspect (1.5x) but like the looks of a 2x lens. What is this gibberish I am talking about?

The GH2 lens and anamorhpic is currently the only rig I can use anamorphic until new step rings arrive to test on my NEX-7 (and then FS700). I am looking forward to trying the anamorphic adapter with the 50mm and this 85mm with the NEX. I should have better luck focusing with focus peaking. Will also be trying with old single coated lenses in the future.

The NEX always has a better and more natural colour than the GH2 it is also nearly just as sharp and detailed as the GH2 and at a much lower bitrate.

Apart from the NEX camera turning itself off after continuous multiple video usage, a highly annoying 'feature' of the camera, I think this will be my B-camera when I get my FS700 soon. Such a pity that happens for an amazing performing cheap Sony camera.

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