My Life Lucky
Breathing in the bylanes of purani Delhi, the film documents the ancient art of pigeon rearing. Journeying through its convoluted streets, the film tries to capture the essence of a marriage between tradition and modernity allied to this noble tradition of kabootarbazi. It nurtures the values that have seen a huge transition, thriving on the wings of passion!
The struggle of becoming a mentor in the art of pigeon rearing, is a crown sought after by many! So much so that a man’s rise depends solely on gaining prominence through it. This emerges to form the heart of the story!
Anil, who hails from a low socio-economic background is driven by his vow to earn name and fame, takes pigeon rearing as a passion to achieve success. The story shapes itself into a portrait of a man, traversing through his goals, aspirations, fears and hopes sprinkled by the pleasant sites of pigeons flying higher in the sky only to return to their master.
Swaying as an odyssey through cliffs and troughs, it offers a spectacle into the dying art of kabootazbazi.

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