Concept: Talia Radford and Jonas Bohatsch
Assisted by: Lena Gold
Vienna 2013

Thermobooth puts a new spin on the photo booth experience by combining a more human based interaction with electronics, a high-tech OLED mirror that acts as a flash and display, a camera, conductive plates and thermal printing technology into a photo studio setting.

The Thermobooth features a new shutter release system in which skin contact between two people triggers a set of processes that result in a glorious lo-fi instant thermal-printed picture.

Yes, it takes a picture when you touch each other!

We are opening a stage for playfulness and the unexpected.

The idea originated over a coffee between Talia Radford and media artist Jonas Bohatsch whilst planning the studio´s birthday party. Talia wanted to create a playful environment that continued exploring the studio´s ongoing theme into more emotional interactions with electronics, and Jonas wanted to continue experimenting with thermal printing technology. The thermobooth idea was born and the beta version tried and tested.

The studio cheeckily pitched the idea to Osram, thus introducing an innovation in the use of OLED-mirror technology. The project will launch during the Vienna Design Week 2013.

The thermobooth is the first of a group of collaborative projects between taliaYstudio and Osram´s OLED technology.

The project was made possible by departure and the collaboration project “Illuminating Technology" with Osram Opto Semiconductors GmbH.

Music courtesy of DUBAIS -

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