Official Selection of the Starz Denver Film Festival 2013

Thank you for checking out my latest music video project with my pals Sarah and the Meanies!

Slam Pam Suno: A turf war between two roller skating gangs escalates into a roller derby showdown when Slam Pam Suno (Jami Haber) and her roller girls resort to some down and dirty tactics against SA(Sarah Angela) and her roller girls "the Meanies".

Sarah & The Meanies original song, written by Sarah Angela
Produced by Drai Lloyd Films & Sarah Angela
Directed by Drai Lloyd


Performed by Sarah & The Meanies
Music & Lyrics written by Sarah Angela
Recorded & Engineered at Scanhope Sound Studio

Guitar & Vocals - Sarah Angela
Keys - Paul Seiz
Bass - Kim O'Hara
Drums - Joel Scanlon

Sarah Angela as "SA"
Jami Haber as "Slam Pam Suno"

Cast & Crew:

Excecutive Producer - Drai Lloyd
Produced by Sarah Angela and Drai Lloyd
Concept developed by Sarah Angela and Drai Lloyd
Director - Drai Lloyd
Assistant Director - Diego Rodriguez
Director of Photograpy - Laffrey Witbrod
Camera operators - Laffrey Witbrod, Mark Mook, Diego Rodriguez, Drai Lloyd
Gaffer - Ryan Cordova
Wardrobe - Erica Augden
Key Grip - Clay Campbell

Production Manager: Sarah Slaton

Production Assistants:
Rebecca Miller
Jorge Martinez
Emily Stein
John Cunningham

Editing by Drai Lloyd and Diego Rodriguez
Color Grading by Laffrey Witbrod, Diego Rodriguez and Drai Lloyd
Visual Effects - Drai Lloyd

Jordan Bamrick
Kayla West
Jessica McMaster

Special effects makeup:
Evan Hedges

Slam Pam Suno - Jami Haber
Referee - Paul Seiz
Anthem Singer - Ayanna Sudduth
Lost Kitten - Lenny Kravitz

Meanies Roller Girls:
Francesca Bridges
Mesha Reynolds
Jennifer "HotKaos" Hotka
Lindsay Ragsdale
Delilah Christine Williams
Jessica McMaster

Slam Pam Suno Roller Girls:
Kayla "Legatron" West
Emma Pomeroy
Marnie "Hell Blaeser" Baesler
Jenny "Ninjen" Yost

SA's number one fan:
Heath Heine

Slam Pam Suno's number one fan:
Jim Levasseur

the Fans :
Ali Valderama
Lauren Coy
Katie Wallace
Sasha Dillavou
Joel Scanlon
Clay Campbell
Robin Black
Francesca Bridges
Kim O'Hara
Paige Awtrey
Jimmy Lee Hill
Tyler Weston Krug Hill
Mason Maloney
Sarah Williams
Laura B Turkleson

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