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In her BlogWell Bay Area presentation, Intel's Manager of Global Social Communities, Jennifer Lashua, shares how the brand used social to reach smart, technology-driven consumers by "celebrating smart."
She shares how Intel leveraged Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms to combine education and entertainment into a new consumer experience.
Below is live coverage of this session:

— Jennifer is with Intel’s Center of Excellence team. Social media is within this team as well, operating in 55 countries, primarily consumer focused.
— Jennifer compares yesterday’s genius: a photo of Einstein, with today’s genius: a photo of a young hipster-looking guy.
— Jennifer says smart is in. It’s the new black. Celebrate Smart.
— Jennifer explains how they used this to come up with their tag line: “Tech is in. Being smart is cool.” She says brands trust them. They have a curious audience with a limited attention span.
— Jennifer says the modern audience wants companies to “make me smarter while you entertain me.”
— Jennifer explains that Intel is celebrating Smart by sharing inside jokes, making the complex simple, “edu-taining,” providing a tech view of the world, exploring the future, and reminiscing (old tech can be funny and quaint).
— Jennifer says at Intel ”We get a kick out of blowing people’s minds.”
— Jennifer explains their product launch countdown, Intel style. Via Twitter: Intel used a tweet counting down to the #4thGenCore with an image showing: 3,337,200,000,000,000 nanoseconds.
— Jennifer shows how they convey product “edu-tainment:” A tweet showing the image of a beetle carrying eight Ultrabooks on it’s back. (These beetles can carry 100 times their weight.)
— Jennifer explains how they use their tech POV: To talk about track and field during the Olympic Games, they posted #techhacks on Instagram, like how to use a hoodie to carry a laptop when in need.
— Jennifer shares some great examples of their social media content planning, focused on making one to one connections. The focus on sharing jokes, enjoying lots of retweets among super fans. An example of a “blow-their-minds” tweet: “We make a quadrillion transistors EVERY DAY.”
— Jennifer says Intel uses the “1: 10: 1″ rule for social engagement. Jennifer: We have one second to grab someone’s attention. If that works, we earn another 10 seconds of their attention to share content. If that works well, we earn another one minute of their time, where engagement and interaction can occur.

Q & A:

Q: How do you go about doing fun posts like that? Keeping within the brand voice, while keeping it fun?

A: Jennifer: We explain to upper management that tweeting out marketing messages just doesn’t work. It’s an education process. So we try things out and show metrics on things that work well.

Q: How do you create this content? With an agency or in-house resources?

A: Jennifer: We produce up to 300 pieces of content a month. We use internal resources and multiple agencies to produce various content.

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