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A timelapse video narrated by philosopher Alan Watts which attempts to answer the question WHO AM I? The answer, of course, is I AM THAT. This question and answer are taken from an ancient Vedic Upanishad which I first became aware of many years ago through a book by Joseph Campbell. What it means is simple: The external world is the internal world and vise versa. It's a profound concept which has undoubtedly changed my life.

I made this video because I want to share this idea and I hope that it reaches someone and has a positive influence on them, as it has with me.

We search for meaning in the world and we ask the big questions like 'Who am I?' The works of Joseph Campbell and Alan Watts have helped me discover the truth and now my life is richer and deeper. We are not strangers in the world, infact, we are very much apart of it!

MUSIC BY: M83 -- 'My Tears Are Becoming a Sea'

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