DoP: Tim Green
Art Department: Machine Shop
VFX Supervisor: Dave Sedgewick
Senior VFX: Mark Blackwood
Promo Creative: Craig Marsh
Producer: Jon Hinton
Agency: Sky Creative
Director: Jon Yeo

This piece was a challenge as the client wanted to have the Actress from "Fringe" in water but unfortunately she was in Canada and unable to come over to the U.K. All we were provided with was a high res still image and we had to create the rest!

We decided to shoot a dummy and wig in a tank with motion control. It was shot on 35mm at high speed with air pumped in to agitate the hair. Post consisted of camera projecting the still of her face onto geometry in Fusion and then using warp effects to create the rippling of water up to her face. The shot was then graded and enhancing effects were added.

Production time for this was 3 weeks.

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