We have produced a series of short films showcasing the best moments of LEV Festival 2013 (Laboratorio de Electrónica Visual / Visual Electronics Lab).

This short film documents the contents and feeling of LEV Festival 2013 - Day 1.

Music from LEV2013 live recordings, in order of appearance: Andy Stott, Alex Posada, Santiago Latorre, Tim Hecker (studio recording), Oneohtrix Point Never, Roly Porter, Raime, Pole, Andy Stott.

By producing this series of short films we had the pleasure to document the live shows and atmosphere across the different venues of the festival and to interview some of the great featured artists: Clark | Oneohtrix Point Never | Tim Hecker | Andy Stott | Raime | Jon Hopkins + Dan Tombs | Kid606 | Pole | Emptyset + Joanie Lemercier | John Roberts | Roly Porter + MFO | Evian Christ | Santiago Latorre | Face&Heel | dot tape dot | Pye Corner Audio | Futuregold | thr3hold | Cristina Busto.


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