Craig Ramsey, ACI's Transaction Banking Solutions Lead for EMEA, discusses the benefits of an enterprise payments approach, direct from Sibos 2013.

What can banks do to improve customer satisfaction while streamlining their systems?

Sandra: I'm here with Craig Ramsey at Sibos 2013 who has just completed an open theater discussion about enterprise payments. Craig, can you tell us some of the benefits and highlights of an enterprise payments strategy?

Craig: Right, well the real benefits are to the customer. They must have a strategy which enables you to leverage your entire data knowledge of that customer to provide them better goods and services. For a bank that means better FX rates, improved fees, better cut-off times. But it really is about not just the electronification of messages, that's what some have described a hub as. This is about leveraging the functionality you've already got in the bank to bring that in to a better set of goods and services for your customers.

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