Watch the Learning Express logo letters come to life through this stop-motion animation. Take a journey with parts of the logo as it introduces you to the services provided that separate Learning Express Toys from any other children's toy store! Using materials from the store itself, I was able to create this video!

The purpose of this video is to spread awareness about the store's existence and encourage consumers to check out this unique store!

I am a current staff member at Learning Express Toys at four different locations. I enjoy going in to work, and thought that I would create a stop-motion animation that could be used by our store as a marketing tool.

Materials: (those with an asterisk before the listed item is one provided by Learning Express)
Digital Camera, computer paper, Macbook Pro 13" in., pens, pencils, sharpie markers, x-acto knife, scissors, cardboard, scotch tape, blue painters tape, post-it notes, flash cards, Photoshop Cs5, Photoshop Cs6, Colored pencils, iPhone suction stand, refrigerator, ruler, pencil sharpener
*Gummy Yummy Gel Pens, *Sticky Mosaic Jewels, *Pipe cleaners, *Sand Art,

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