Shot and edited by Ashton Dodd. Footage shot on the GoPro HD Hero 3 Black Edition. A Backscatter Flip 3 filter installed on the Gopro for color correction. Underwater lighting by the Underwater Kinetics Aqualight (x2) with the ninety degree bulb. All mounted on top of the Snake River Prototyping tray system with arms.

Music Credit:
Dream Theater - Pull Me Under
Lights Out Asia - X-33
Deadmau5 - Closer

Some footage from our dives at Anacapa on September 2nd, 2013. We went on four excellent dives on the Scepter out of Ventura Harbor. Despite having snorkeled many times in Catalina and other locations in California I had not had the chance to dive in our local cold water. It was quite a different experience to diving in the warm tropical waters I am used to, but I enjoyed it very much. By the time I finally had everything dialed in at the end of the day it was time for me to go home. The crew of the Scepter were great and I cannot wait until I am able to dive with them again!

Editors Note:
This is not the edit I had planned but its what I was able to throw together with my old laptop. May re-edit when I get anew one and can actually see the manipulations I am making - with regards to music matching, color grading, stabilization and motion graphics - unfortunately right now there is no way for me to see them in real time unless I render it out, and as you can imagine that process is quite taxing, so for now it is what it is.. I hope to alleviate this problem when I get my new computer...soon.

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