Video Installation
60cm x 20cm x 35cm
Performance, Wooden shelf, fresh orange, video player, fruit basket

Derived from a real life moment within my everyday existence, this video consisting of two segments of orange making love was subsequently revisited and resituated into my work. This relationship between my personal, and often even intimate life and my art is, I feel, an intrinsic quality to the types of emotions I seek to express within my work. Here, I aim to uplift my own experience to a realm where it can be appreciated with a more enduring sense of intimacy whilst simultaneously offering the viewer a shared perspective upon this deeply personal and intimate, yet universally human experience.

Thinking about this work in terms of its revealing deeper layers, I like the idea that, through peeling away the everyday skin of the orange, the act of the two pieces of segment 'making love' might place a character and an emotion upon these objects, which leads to an internal and personal type of discovery beyond the mere presence of the actual fruit. This work therefore illustrates on a very subjective level, based solely on feeling, what I am trying to achieve through my art works. The power of this work - if it is to exist at all -- is based completely upon the previous stock of personal experience held by each given individual.

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