I stood along waterfront today, letting the early sun pour over me and fight the chill of the fog. As i let the warmth soak into my skin, i closed my eyes and let myself accept that i am a work in progress. I’m usually so fearless - its hard to accept that i’ve paused now......i hesitated because what’s around the corner could shake up everything that’s familiar to me. The endless surprises in life keep things exciting, but just then, i needed to go through the checklist in my mind and make sure of the path i’m on - confirm what’s most precious to me in this beautiful and constantly changing life . . .... And so i decided to breathe, and that breath melted into the trust i have in myself. I let my favorite music play silently in my head, and i started to walk to the beat, smiling. The rest of the world back in focus, my confidence recharged as i fed off the energy of the vibrant people and colorful city around me.... I’m ready for abandoned freedom, and I’m ready to pay attention to whatever is around that next mysterious corner of my life. adacollection.com

Chet Faker - Love and Feeling

( itunes.apple.com/ar/album/love-and-feeling/id510838210?i=510838217 )

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