Wars are horrible events to be remembered. Let's help save this WWII historical event.
The Chinese ancestors had been so brave and worked so hard, even died for the cause in saving American lives. Learning and knowing, that we human beings, can destroy each other.
Dedicate this to world peace and to avoid wars in the future.
Two descendants of Mr. Tung Sheng Liu who helped saved the Doolittle Tokyo Raiders during WWII.
On April 18th 1943 sixteen B-25 bombers took off from the deck of the USS Hornet, led by (then Col.) Jimmy Doolittle.
The Doolittle Tokyo Raiders were a group of volunteers, eighty men from all walks of life, who all knew it was a very dangerous mission.
They were to fly over Japan, drop their bombs and fly on to land in a part of China that was still free.
Chinese guerrilla two weeks to get all the American Pilots out of Japanese occupied territories into safe area called "Free China." The Chinese locals rescued the Americans.
Their father Mr. Liu was one of the Chinese who were there to bring the Raiders to safety. After the war, the Liu brother's parents came to the U.S. to study and reconnected with the Doolittle Raiders and were invited to their reunions for several decades until their last reunion this year 2013.

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