Within Us, Without Us, the Wild Draws Breath.

An artistic silent short that contemplates our connection to the blue marble.

We are all united by something as simple as a full breath cycle. This film focuses on the cyclical nature of life, and the inherent connection shared between organisms on land and in water, anchoring all life in the instant of a single inhale and exhale.

The Team:

Asher Jay, Director, Artist

Designer, artist, writer, speaker, and activist, Jay is a conservationist who best expresses herself through creative media. Her efforts thus far have all been concentrated around the preservation of wildlife, sustainable development and animal welfare. The founder of her very own country, The United Flotsam of Garbagea (garbagea.com), and Sea Speak Sphere (seaspeaksphere.com), she sparks engaging visual discourses about contemporary ecological and humanitarian concerns (asherjay.com).

Viki Psihoyos, Choreographer

Trained at George Balanchine's School of American Ballet for nine years, resulting in her being chosen as a principle dancer by New York City Ballet, Viki has evolved a keen vocabulary for movement. She worked on Media Relations, for the Academy Award winning documentary, The Cove and is now the founder of her very own web platform for marine activism called The Ocean Tracker.

Dana Jacobson and Lara Tong, Dancers

Dana and Lara are both members of New York City Ballet's corpa de ballet. Seasoned dancers who have both trained with the School of American Ballet (SAB) the official school of dance for New York City Ballet.

Aric Gutnik, DP and Cinematographer

Aric has experience filming both music videos and full length films. He is presently working on diverse documentaries, including the "99% Film" which premiered at Sundance and will open this fall in theatres.

Piyali Banerji, Body Painter

Piyali has a background as a muralist and body painting, she overlaps traditional body painting techniques, theatrical make up and dot drawing to visualize evocative narratives on skin. She has worked with numerous reputed performance troupes including Cirque Du Soleil.

Susanna Chang, Composer

With an eclectic ear for Opera, and classical music, and an affinity for exotic eastern influences, Susanna has a unique acoustic sensibility that is both haunting and dynamic. Her ability to infuse the unexpected into the familiar gives the stories she scores profound depth. She has already collaborated in this capacity, with Jay on two discrete projects.

This project is supported by Bristle + Creme, a lifestyle salon and espresso bar in New York City, bristleandcreme.com

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