Project for 2013 Advanced Digital Compositing course at Florida Atlantic University. Added Motion blur and upped framerate.

I've always been a longtime fan of Alan Watts, who he was and what he shared with the world; so when I got involved with kinetic type I knew I had to animate something from one of his lectures. I often listen to them each night before bed and I had a list of excerpts that would work. Out of all of them, this piece stood out the most...and interestingly enough it isn't often quoted on other sites. I think its fitting both for what it represents; the artists dilemma, and as a bit of motivation for fellow students and content creators.

Software used:
Adobe Photoshop CS3
Adobe After Effects CS6

Fonts used (In order of appearance)
Hagin Caps Thin
Hagin Caps Medium
Lobster 1.4

I used a color palette by the name of tema karma, from Adobe Kuler.
Made by user c_daniel_n

Alan Watts clip:
From Out of Your Mind: Volume 3

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