2012 - 75 minutes

In 2002, the Lyon municipal authorities made the abandoned Renault Véhicules Industriels plant available to a group of collectives of artists who used this wasteland, known as "Friche RVI", for 8 years. It closed in December 2010.
This film recounts the project's last 2 years. It takes a subjective, emotionally engaged look at the experiment, and raises questions about the difficulties inherent in self-management. The story of Friche RVI reflects the ways in which our cities are being reshaped, and mirrors conflicting views about the appropriation of the public space.

A film by Christina Firmino

Images: Christina Firmino, Jean Gabriel Delpuech, Jules Desgoutte, Cycloptik, Silvère Simon
Sound creation and mix: Jean Gabriel Delpuech
Music and sound: Jean Gabriel Delpuech, Le couloir de la chimie, Idriss Damien, Cindy Lemos, Christina Firmino
Editing: Christina Firmino with the assistance of Jean Gabriel Delpuech and Collectif item

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