This is a collection of the projects I have worked on during my first year at Digital Graphics, a VFX education based in Stockholm. I have mostly been focusing on rendering but I can handle all other aspects of 3D as well.

Softwares used:
Maya, Mudbox, Photoshop, Nuke and After effects. Everything is rendered with Vray.

Music: Battez-Vous by Brigitte

About the projects in detail:

Hand drill (Solo project)
My entrance examination for Digital Graphics. This drill was the starting point for my love and interest in shading and texturing.

Chair (Solo project)
A project that I made in the end of this summer. I was striving to make a photo real furniture that could fit in a designers magazine or equivalent.

Gero the yakuza frog (Solo project)
I wanted to learn about sss and I love frogs. I also have a great interest in the Japanese culture which is why I made him a yakuza frog. During this project I got to experience texturing in Mudbox which was AMAZING!

Meccowboy (Group project)
I handled the environment on this project and of course all rendering. I am very proud to say that this commercial is currently airing in New Zealand! With me on this project were Hudson Martins and Tim Wiberg.

Kaizerslacht (Group project)
We were given the assignment to turn some video material we got from school into a war movie. On this project I had the pleasure of working with some very awesome people including: David Vestin, Hudson Martins, Joakim Olsson and Jonas Bergholm. I made the trench phone, shaded the tanks and also a bit of rotoscoping.

1M0 (Group project)
The purpose of this project was to make an inanimate object come to life. Rigger and animator Emma Hildestrand together with animators Karin Hässler and Kajsa Råsten made this a project a real success! I handled the rendering as usual.

Claptrap (Group project)
The little robot from the game Borderlands was kind of a fan art thing that I made before I entered Digital Graphics, so in this project we just animated him and did some comp work.

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