Cast: Kat de Lieva, Richard Harmon, Mayumi Yoshida, David Lewis

Director of Photography: Michael Balfry, CSC
Editor: Jeanne Slater
Composer: Patric Caird
Written and Directed by: Karen Lam
Producers: Karen Wong and Karen Lam

Trailer edited by Ashley Lynch.
Trailer sound mix: Gregor Phillips


Evangeline (Kat de Lieva) has left her sheltered upbringing to reinvent herself in college. As she begins to break out of her shell, she attracts the attention of a sociopathic fraternity leader (Richard Harmon) and his two cohorts.

Beaten and left for dead, Evangeline finds herself trapped in a supernatural nightmare, where she is caught between salvation and vengeance. But to save herself, Evangeline discovers she must make the most horrifying choice of all...

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