Jefferson County girl
(words & music by Larry Looney, © 2012)

Growing up in Groves, along the bayou –
accordions and fiddles dust the leaves upon the trees –
she’s got no use for sorrow, or worries of tomorrow,
as the seasons pass along with ease.

Saltgrass rustles, swaying with the seabreeze
in the golden haze of dawn’s revealing light,
estuary days passing till the sun’s last rays
draw the curtain down on another Neches night.

Hear the egrets talking in the morning –
‘How’s the fishing?’ ‘Come take a chance!’
You know, she stole my heart without a warning
the first time she smiled at me and asked me ‘Shall we dance?’
Yeah, I love to take her dancing, boys, give her heart a whirl –
my sweet Jefferson County girl.

Refineries they crowd the damp horizon –
geese in graceful chevrons fly above,
passing on their way through the crisp November day,
toward the warmer climes they’re dreaming of.

From the east, across the still Sabine,
Louisiana’s music and aromas spin and swirl –
etoufée and Zydeco, and oh, that filé gumbo,
drift across the water to her world.

She’s a child of the southland through and through –
you can hear it in her voice, you can see it in her eyes.
She brought to me a love so deep and true –
it shakes me to my core that I’ve gathered such a prize.
Yeah, the world must be my oyster, boys, ’cause I found me a pearl –
my sweet Jefferson County girl.

02 November 2011 – 08 March 2012
…for Donna

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