Just the facts

Through a live demonstration, you will learn how to leverage your investment in airport-specific GIS data to support planning and operations activities using automated analysis tools, and see how the results of your work can be shared with key airport stakeholders.

In this webinar you will learn to

Manage and analyze airport data for regulatory compliance

Introduce efficiencies and new capabilities into the planning, maintenance and day-to-day operations of airports

Automate data validation using the more than 450 preconfigured checks

Easily create and visualize Obstruction Identification Surfaces

Key takeaways

This webinar will introduce an ArcGIS for Desktop solution for airport data management, quality control, visualization and analysis.

More details

ArcGIS for Aviation is part of the ArcGIS system to solve problems and gain efficiencies for civil, military and commercial aeronautical agencies, airports, consultants and related businesses. ArcGIS for Aviation: Airports assists airports and their consultants in managing, performing quality control and analyzing their airport data for regulatory compliance such as the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) Airports GIS program, EUROCONTROL's Aeronautical Data Quality (ADQ), and ICAO's Electronic Terrain and Obstacle Data (eTOD) requirements.

The product provides a complete GIS platform including tools, templates and workflows that introduce efficiencies and new capabilities into the planning, maintenance and day-to-day operations of airports.


Steve Willer, Aviation Consultant, Esri

Who should attend

Anyone who has an interest in the use of GIS at airports or supports airport-related industries and agencies

Prerequisites: General knowledge of ArcGIS for Desktop and FAA Airport Advisory Circulars is recommended, but not required.

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