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Alex Steyermark film: One Last Thing, 2005.
Cast: Michael Angarano
Interpret: Wyclef Jean
Song: Heaven's in New York
Videoclip by Tasha
®: If it was my last day on earth
I treat it like my first
Go out the way I came in
So innocent, so pure
with no thoughts of insecurity
Live life to the fullest, be what I wanna be

Last day on earth I tell my momma, dont cry
I'll see my daddy in paradise
Where the blind can see, the mute can talk
The crippled can walk but for now Heaven's in New York


First thing I'd do is go back in time
Take the Twin Towers, put it back in the skyline
Tell my girl, two wrongs still dont make a right
Make love for the last time under the candlelight

Pick up my homies at the gentleman club
After that hit the pub, reminisce on the high school days
Man, I sucked as a quarterback remember getting sacked
Man, I almost broke my back


I'd tell the man, give the people a tax break
Kids, stop shootin, I can't sing it no more ways
I can't take the money with me so I caught a movie
Favorite actress, Angelina Jolie

Favorite singer got to be Marley
Turn up the bass and move to the styling
I can't go without reading my daughter a bedtime story
The heavens is calling


Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death
I feel no fear for you are with me
So tell my loved ones, please don't cry
Cause if doves can fly so can I


Yeah, this one goes out to all my refugees
That leave the land where they from
And come to the land of the free
But dont forget once you get that dream
Take it back to your country and give 'em a piece of that inspiration

I need a ticket to New York

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