Mirrored with permission of Mark Bunker.
Disaffection is not permitted in Scientology. Punishments escalate, a dissident is quickly separated from others and mandatory "Confessional" auditing occurs with the waiver "Not auditing you." This means what you state can and will be used against you. This confessional auditing is charged for $$$$$$. Interrogation also includes who you have spoken to you, WHEN? WHERE? WHAT ? WHO? This data is used to pull in anyone else disaffected for the same treatment.
The Truth Rundown is a mind control technique, not done for the betterment of the parishioner, but for Intelligence reasons and to get a person to change their mind against Management and David Miscavige. To show you have fully achieved the *CHURCH* desired result you must publicly announce to the group that you have gotten enlightened on your previous misconceptions and now recognize the "Goodness" of the senior hierarchy
of the "Church". Thought reform through Thought Police.
The Tampa Bay Times used the phrase facetiously in their Pullitzer prize winning series for journalism at its best, also called mockingly, "The Truth Rundown"
Here it is ~~

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