WARNING! Contains images of factory farmed humans.


Not every day
You tune into poultry
But you're feeling
We need to get free
From this battery
Listen chickens are fly
I can talk turkey
So if anyone asks
Just say
A little bird told me

Call it free range
But this is a cage!
I'm just a chick
But got good reason
to rage man!

Wings pinned
Beak trimmed
Tagged and crammed into plastic
Friends understand
this is so bloody drastic

MERCY! We squark
Getting done like a dinner
Duck out lose your head
or get minced in the wringer

Keeping us numb
Dumbed by domestication
Addicted to gross food
and sick medication

Life is cheap cheap
In this scrambled eggonomy
They grow fat from our flesh
While we scratch for chicken feed

Evil plots hatch!
Laid up lies stew our goose
It's more morbid than bird flu

We pull out our plumes
in despair and frustration
Hens penned in our own poo
in mass concentration

Like we were already dead meat
Just means of production
Sacrifice to the culture cult

Think that's all there is
for your average chook?

Then seek out this story
in a book, book, book, book
You already know it
from visions in dreams
They are jungle fowl
Our relatives live free!

Fossick for their own food
Drink from clear streams
Not force fed poison
by inhuman machines

Flapping wings in the wind
Stretching legs swift and strong
Dance in the branches
Sing the sweet chicken song

You know in your breast
We have lost all that
And how, right now,
We are claiming it all back!

Birds of a feather
As one we flock!
Clucking, 'No More!
You can go and get

We are all funky
Little Earth sons and daughters
and we are not subject
to their pecking orders!

Won't let strangers
Go on ruling our roost
and although we are chicken dude
We take a fell SWOOP

Tis the season we flew
And blew this damn coop
Cause we heed the call
To the Great Chicken Coup!

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