Pastor Doug Riggs presents the Hope of the church in this invigorating four-part series. Be prepared for solid Bible teaching that breaches the controversy of the Rapture (the return of Christ for the Church) and His 2nd Advent (the return of Christ WITH His bride, the Church, for Israel and the Gentile nations).

With the world on the brink of war and self-annihilation, the unrelenting unrest in the Arab world, the persecution of the Church, and terrorism becoming a way of life - what is the biblical basis for the hope of our final deliverance as Christians?

Is the world coming to an end?
Are we living in the last days?
Is the Apocalypse the only thing left on the horizon of human destiny?
Is the church the true Israel?
Is God finished with Israel?
When will the Rapture occur?

The Blessed Hope faces the controversy head-on and reveals the revelation of the Blessed Hope for the Church.

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