Created by aircord lab.

N-3D Move is a robotic display that controls multiple screens in sync
with a person's movements or video.

The display's video is reflected on a screen which has a special film
and half mirror attached to it, producing a holographic effect.

The screen's movement and rotation are controlled based on a DMX
signal containing information on position and angle, which is sent
from the system.

You can also experience a mapping effect when viewing an object across screens.

When the sensor picks up a person's movement, the screen will follow
that movement.

Also, when a viewer stands in a location that has been set in advance,
video playback will begin.


N-3D Moveは人の動きや映像に合わせ複数のスクリーンを制御する事が出来るロボティックディスプレイです。

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